He has his Tesla key implanted… in his hand!

Some car owners may have funny ideas. Like this American who got a microchip implanted in his hand so he could unlock his Tesla Model 3!

At the pace where the advancements in technology, this kind of news could almost be a formality. Nowadays, the use of physical key to lock and unlock an automobile is less and less common among manufacturers.

The key to his Tesla… in your hand!

With the advent ofhands-free opening, it is sometimes enough to keep the key in your pocket to be able to get on board and switch on the vehicle. Some brands even offer the concept of cards for significant space saving in the pocket.

This plurality of tools and inventions gives ideas to some. This is the case of Brandon Dalaly, a 39-year-old American. His discovery? To be implanted microchip… in hand !

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How it works ?

In practice, our man received two chips. In addition to their main function of storing cryptocurrencies and data, they also work as a key to the house and its Tesla Model 3.

“The company that put this together literally has its own app store where you can wirelessly install apps into your body with these chips,” explains the one who is part of a group of 100 beta testers of this technology designed by the company Vivokey.

“And one of the applications happens to be a Tesla key card. So that’s the first app I installed on it, because I have a Tesla and I now use it as a key when my Bluetooth key doesn’t work or I don’t have my card. You just use your hand. »

How much does it cost ?

According to the person concerned, “Because I was a beta tester, I got the chip for $300 and my installer only charged me $100 to install it. The first one chip was preloaded in a large syringe. They stuck the syringe in and inserted the chip like they would a dog. »

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