He explodes his Tesla while attempting a crazy jump

This driver wanted to make a nice video with his Tesla but he probably hadn’t imagined taking off so high. And the landing was simply catastrophic.

It’s the kind of practice that always makes for pretty pictures in sports car magazines: arriving at a slight overspeed on a small bump in the road, just to get the wheels of your car off the ground. But this kind of figure can obviously have absolutely catastrophic consequences depending on the nature of the bump and the speed.

In the video below, the author of the jump showed an absolutely devastating optimism. He simply accelerated up a steep incline on pavement resembling the streets of San Francisco, hoping to pull off a figure worthy of those in Hollywood chase scenes. But after literally flying over the tarmac, the reception hurts badly.

A destroyed Tesla

The big Model S crashes heavily against the asphalt and we hear the suspensions snap. The car looks literally destroyed. At least he will have had his unforgettable streak…

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