He dodges an elephant charge and is attacked by a crocodile

Winders Sianene, a 34-year-old Zimbabwean, miraculously survived an elephant attack followed by a crocodile attack. However, he had an arm and a leg amputated following these unfortunate encounters.

Halfway between Jumanji and Jaws. At the end of September 2022, Winders Sianene was attacked by a crocodile when he had just descended into a river to avoid an elephant charge, reports the GEO magazine website. He miraculously survived this improbable adventure but had to have an arm and a leg amputated.

However, Winders’ day began in a bucolic way. On the day of the tragedy, the 30-year-old was indeed going quietly to a fishing spot well known to the locals, near Mlibizi, in northern Zimbabwe. But along the way, he comes across an elephant who, for some unknown reason, decides to charge him. Winders then takes to his heels and throws himself into the nearby river to escape the pachyderm. He breathes only for a moment since a violent pain spreads suddenly in his leg.

One arm and one leg amputated

Winders then looks down to find that a crocodile has just grabbed his leg in its jaws. “I climbed onto the crocodile and held its head tight as I thrust my right hand into its big mouth. I knew I had to live at all costs, so I made sure to keep my grip intact. Crocodiles have a small tongue so they don’t want anything touching it because it hurts The crocodile started to calm down as I put my hand in its mouth The pain I felt was very intense, but I focused on being alive,” he told the local press.

Despite his incredible composure, Winders screams loud enough for locals to hear him and come to his aid. They manage to hold the animal’s jaw open, extract its prey and scare it away. Taken to the hospital, the young fisherman miraculously survived his very heavy injuries, although the doctors were forced to amputate an arm and a leg. “I now believe that God works in mysterious ways because people rarely survive when they encounter these two animals,” he philosophically recounted.

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