Grisons: Little calf killed: would the griffon vulture become a problem?


GraubündenLittle calf killed: would the griffon vulture become a problem?

Stirring at the Peasants’ Union and among politicians. A scavenger attacked and killed a newborn calf.

We lose ourselves in conjectures to understand why the vulture attacked a bovid.


In the Lugnezertal in Graubünden, a calf was killed last week by a griffon vulture. The association of farmers and elected officials are worried. They have now sent a letter to the Graubünden government. According to the Swiss association for the protection of birds “BirdLife”, this attack should not even have taken place, because the vultures mainly feed on carrion.

“In addition to the wolf, griffon vultures have become a problem for our farmers since this summer,” explains Sandro Michael, director of the Graubünden Farmers’ Union. This is why parliamentarians from the farming community as well as the Peasants’ Union approached the Graubünden government and asked how it planned to act against the increase in the number of griffon vultures. According to Sandro Michael, the calf was attacked and fatally injured by griffon vultures in the Lugnezertal.

Lambs also attacked

He is also aware of another case where griffon vultures preyed on lambs. For now, the main problem for mountain pastures and agriculture remains the wolf. This is why the Peasants’ Union wants to focus on this canine and on political measures to regulate it. “But we must continue to keep an eye on the problem of griffon vultures,” concludes the director of the Union of Graubünden Farmers.


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