Grebe, sandpiper, seagull… several errors noted on an information panel in Calvados

It would seem that some people in charge of setting up informative panels on the species that can be encountered on the French coast should pass the hunting license urgently.

This photo shared on Facebook shows an informative sign about different species: Herring Gull, Great Crested Grebe, Black-headed Gull, Plover, Ruddy Turnstone and Sanderling.

Except that on the illustrations, a number of errors have slipped which means that several birds do not correspond to the names assigned.

The sign, which seems to have been installed at the request of the urban community of Caen La Mer, can therefore quite easily mislead the inhabitants and tourists who pass through the area.

When we see this type of notorious incompetence happening, how can we think that some want to dismiss the hunters of the administrations in favor of the ecologists and bureaucrats who have never seen a grebe with their own eyes.

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