Grandmother Deemed Too Old Is Devastated When Denied Dog Adoption

Thelma Ashley is fit and healthy. However, the 86-year-old grandmother faced several refusals when she wanted to adopt a new dog. His granddaughter helps him in his quest for happiness.

Thelma enjoyed a happy life with her husband Bill. When he left, she could count on the support of her Golden retriever, george. But since losing them both, the grandmother felt more alone than ever and felt the need to fill an ever-present void.

According to his granddaughter, Kiri Self, Thelmareally wants a dog and has so much love to give “. She explains to CornWallLive that her grandmother was not allowed to adopt a new animal from a shelter. The reason ? She is “ too old according to some associations.

Since, Thelma has lost all hope of finding a 4-legged companion. The granddaughter comes to her defense, explaining that the lady walks about 5 kilometers a day and that she is in good health. ” It makes her really sad that she can’t have one. She kind of gave up trying to find one. “.

Faced with this desperation, Kiri took the lead

Illustration of the article: A grandmother, considered too old, is devastated when she is refused to adopt a dog

Kiri Self

The granddaughter first suggested to her grandmother to adopt one in her name to circumvent the problem. But Thelmawhich she qualifies as a little “old game“, was far too honest to accept his proposal.

kiri lived with her grandmother for two years, but was about to leave the home, a source of concern for her: ” The idea of ​​leaving her and having no one in the house is overwhelming. I don’t want to leave my grandmother like this “. That’s why the granddaughter did not let go and continued her search with local shelters.

Is there really an age limit for adopting dogs?

Illustration of the article: A grandmother, considered too old, is devastated when she is refused to adopt a dog

Illustrative photo

We often hear that a dog available for adoption cannot live with children or other dogs, but not that there is an age limit to take care of it.

These are facts confirmed by the RSPCA, British Humane Societywhich even adds that a “An elderly person could be the ideal companion for an elderly dog ​​too “.

Thelma will probably be able to tick all the boxes one day or another. kiriher granddaughter, has not said her last word and intends to ensure that her grandmother regains a taste for life.

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