Good plan in Toulouse: McDo, Subway, bars… what is this card that offers tons of discounts?

The new Mojjo map will be available from 1er September 2022 in Toulouse. (©Mojjo)

This is THE good plan back to school for under 26 at Toulouse ! Launched in Lyon in 2018, the Mojo map is accessible to Toulouse since last school year. For the 2022 edition, the entire team based in Rhône-Alpes plans to distribute 10,000 cards in the Pink City. But how does it work ?

A local anchor

Gregoire Gerome, founder of the Mojjo card while he was still a student, outlines his project: “The idea was to offer a card with advantages for students to give them more purchasing power, while by creating a virtuous circle with local actors. In Toulouse, we have 50 partners! »

Aged 25, the young man attaches particular importance to maintaining this local anchorage, whether in Toulouse or in other cities where the offer is valid: Lyons, Grenoble and Montpellier.

“We work with local players, bars, restaurants, national and international chains to offer interesting offers to young people. It’s a win-win system for everyone. »

Gregoire Geromefounder of the Mojjo card (formerly Dino)

How to benefit from the card?

To take advantage of the card, nothing could be simpler. Anyone who wishes to obtain it has only to go on the website, enter some information and pay the sum of 15 €. Only partner establishments will be able to ask you for proof of age. You just need to be under 26 when you order your card.

In return, you will receive your Mojjo card at home with 80 € of benefits to be used at McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Bagel Corner, V and B or Café Perle.

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What advantages?

For the rest (Subway, Papa’s Burgers, Pokawa, the White Wolf, Get Out…), offers are valid all year round, unlimited! It is even possible to take advantage of it for the driving license, to go to the hairdresser or for massages. Many reductions are available in particular for “happy hours” in many bars in Toulouse.

“Your card is immediately profitable thanks to these offers worth €75. »

Gregoire Geromefounder of the Mojjo card

Mojjo is also a partner of 60 BDEs distributed in several Toulouse establishments (Insa Toulouse, TBS, Enac, Supaéro, Faculties of health). “The associations will distribute the cards in return for a commission which will allow them to finance several projects during the year. »

A growing project

Seven people are currently working on the launch of the new map. In Toulouse, two people take care of establishing relations between the different actors and distribute the cards to the 60 BDEs.

“There is great enthusiasm around the project, welcomes the young Lyonnais. Everyone is enthusiastic, especially after the long period of crisis that we have just gone through. Our role is really to energize the links between the different actors and offer purchasing power to young people. »

Still in development, Mojjo can be delighted to have distributed 60,000 cards since its launch. The objective is to be present in ten cities by 2025.

Launch on 1er september

In Toulouse, the precious sesame will be available from 1er September 2022. Mojjo plans to distribute 10,000 of them. “, warns Grégoire Gerome. Good deals always make money!

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