Golden Retriever goes missing for 16 days before being found swimming

Its disappearance was a real anguish for its owners. Chunk, a 3-year-old Golden Retriever, was able to put his webbed paws to good use until he was rescued by New Jersey police.

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Married and James Zangara are the proud owners of chunka Golden retriever 3 years old. During a game session with his masters, the dog will suddenly panic and flee into the woods, to the great despair of his owners… 2 weeks of endless waiting will follow this tragic event, and Married and james will do everything they can to find their little protege.

The face of chunk and his story were now well known to the neighborhood, especially following the publication of wanted notices on social networks. This is probably what allowed 2 joggers, 2 weeks later, to recognize the Golden retriever during their race near the bay of barnegat. Unfortunately, the fearful dog will not allow himself to be approached and will run away again…

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A rescue at sea

It was without counting on the responsiveness of the local police of New Jerseycontacted immediately by the 2 joggers. Ryan Koehler and Vincent Ferdinandi are the 2 police officers who went to the scene, to try to help the Golden retriever, who had already had time to swim an additional 3 kilometers! Fortunately, the police were well equipped.

They used a boat and a rope to bring the dog back to dry land safely. Ferdinandi explain to People that chunk was ” extremely tired and hungry ” after spending 2 weeks alone in nature, and that he remained very “ fearful » vis-à-vis the 2 agents.

Koehler and Ferdinandi eventually managed to keep him by their side until the arrival of Married and jamesthe masters of chunk. A real moment of happiness for all those who were present, relayed on the page Facebook of the New Jersey State Police. chunk and his family can now turn the page and provide the young Golden the necessary care.

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