Fribourg: He lets the horn of one of his cows grow in his skull


FreiburgHe lets the horn of one of his cows grow in his skull

A breeder did nothing to treat his animal whose horn was growing upside down and gradually entering his brain.

The horn grows in the head of the ruminant.

The horn grows in the head of the ruminant.

Basel Animal Save

A farmer in the canton of Friborg neglected his cow, one of whose horns was growing the wrong way. The case is known to the Friborg Veterinary Service and has been made public. “A distressing situation that could have been easily avoided with proper attention and care. The animal would have been spared unimaginable pain,” said Olivier Bieli, from Basel Animal Save, who denounced the case.

Neglect caused the horn to grow in the head, close to the eye. The farmer has therefore violated the Animal Welfare Ordinance (OPAn). A malformation of the horn should already be visible a few months after the birth of the bovid. Regular shortening of the horn was not carried out, which would have spared the animal suffering, report observers from the Basel animal protection organization.

A splint could have been placed

In addition, a splint could have been placed on the animal as soon as the malformation was detected, which would have allowed the horn to be oriented in the right direction, without pain. Olivier Bieli explains that the possible reasons for this negligence are multiple. Caring for livestock costs time and money, many farmers are overworked. When questioned, the farmer in question made no comment. Proceedings are now underway against him.

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