Four Brussels bakeries that break the codes

Imagine this good smell of crispy baguette straight out of the oven. It is becoming more and more rare in Belgian bakeries, isn’t it? Tradition has gradually given way to industry and grandmother’s recipes are lost in the middle of frozen pastries, directly imported from the factory. Fortunately, some enthusiasts continue to perpetuate the good bakery, where artisan bread is king. We have unearthed four Brussels addresses with gourmet and tempting windows, for all tastes and all needs.

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1. Hopla Geiss, craftsmanship and tradition

In this small bakery housed in a former Alsatian restaurant hovers a sweet smell of sourdough and tradition. Dimitri Pierrot, the founder of Hopla Geiss, works daily to offer artisanal products, without any chemical additives or preservatives. In the workshop, a kneader, an oven and that’s it “We shape everything by hand. We try to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. Our deliveries are made by bicycle and we limit our varieties of bread to ten in order to to avoid unsold stock. , explains the baker. To taste the baguettes and brioches signed Hopla Geiss, you have to be ready to get up early. The people of Brussels line up in front of the establishment from 8 a.m. and at noon, no more promise of finding your happiness if the stocks have been robbed…

The address: Chaussée d’Alsemberg 105, 1060 Saint-Gilles

2. La Maison Lavoisier, paradise without sugar

Installed in the center of the capital since 2021, this bakery is the temple of zero sugar. There are chocolates but also pastries where refined sugar is replaced by other ingredients. Amel Bouzaid confided in RTBF on the subject: “Instead, I use derivatives of wheat, rice, malt and chicory. It gives the sweet taste, but there is no impact on blood sugar”. These alternatives allow people who follow a sugar-free diet to enjoy small sweets but above all, it is a godsend for people with diabetes who can now treat themselves to small pleasures without feeling guilty and without risk to their health.

The address: Rue Ferdinand Lenoir 21, 1090 Brussels

3. Janine, from kneader to keg

Bread represents 20% of food waste in Belgium. Based on this observation, Janine decided not to throw away any more of her creations. To make her breads, the baker uses brewer’s yeast and a fermentation process that gives a soft and airy texture to the crumb. Unsold bread, on the other hand, replaces part of the malt present in the beer. These two processes allow Janine to sell unique creations but also to produce no waste. It is therefore part of an eco-responsible approach while continuing to offer fresh and entirely handmade products.

The address: Chaussée d’Alsemberg 258, 1190 Forest

4. Chamberland, artisanal and gluten-free

Since 2018, the Chambelland bakery has been seducing the people of Brussels.Thomas Teffri-Chambelland and Nathaniel Doboin make breads and pastries without any trace of gluten. All creations, from bread to baguettes, pastries and tarts, are made with rice or buckwheat flour, naturally gluten-free. With this concept, they are revolutionizing the lives of intolerant people who no longer have to deprive themselves of little sweets and they also offer a traditional alternative to people who decide to remove gluten from their diet.

The address: Universitylaan 42, 1050 Ixelles

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