former rugby player Javier Meneses transforms the restaurant L’Avant Scène into Fogón

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Anglet: a man hit by a car, rue d'Espagne

Anglet: a man hit by a car, rue d’Espagne

The accident occurred this Saturday morning, rue d’Espagne in Anglet. A motorist hit a 30-year-old on a scooter who had just fallen on the road. In serious condition, he was transported to Bayonne hospital.

“At first, it was rugby – which I practiced from the age of 10, in a club in my neighborhood, where I was third line – which revealed to me at 16 that I wanted turn professional”, rewinds the South American restaurateur. Thanks to the contacts of a friend of his father, Chilean consul in Strasbourg, he landed in Europe where he chained several clubs, one year in the Alsatian city, before participating in the Under-20 World Cup in Chile, then to evolve for a year in Rome. Then head to Toulouse, for two seasons as young people (2018-2020). “An incredible, magnificent experience,” he recalls. “I then had the opportunity to come to Aviron Bayonne in 2019 as a hooker before the Covid arose. In the meantime, I studied cooking, my childhood passion, and I did not renew my contract at the club. I then had the opportunity to set up a “Comer caterer” catering unit in Blancpignon, with a friend, Barbara Valdes, originally from Chile and who has kept the workshop. »

Experimental kitchen

As an “extra”, he keeps a rugby license at the federal level at Anglet Olympique, for two seasons, until last June. “The most beautiful division of amateur rugby which welcomes young people in the making and rugby players at the end of their career. »

His profile interests the town hall for a tender and he puts together a file for a beach restaurant “But I rather wanted to go to a restaurant which I therefore called “Fogón”. The sign is coming soon. I would like to give it an image of experimental cuisine because there are a lot of cultures that come together in the restaurant. I was trained in France but I have Chilean origins. My chef, Gérald Muller, originally from Chile, was trained in Spain. We are in formula 3-3-3 (starter-main course-dessert, choice). Initially, we made a Chilean menu, but it will evolve. We want an identity, more than through recipes, through taste. »

I am delighted for my parents, who trusted me from the age of 18 and accompanied me for all my projects.

Starting in Quintaou, in the middle of summer on July 7, was not easy, especially since this restaurant launch took place through a complete and rapid change (manager, staff, menu and wine).

Javier, his father, a former high-level swimmer whose first name he inherited, as is often the case in South American countries, was present at the inauguration of the Fogón (1). With his sister. “I am delighted for my parents, who trusted me from the age of 18 and accompanied me for all my projects. Tuesday, I had two large group tables. Happy. »

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