For an investigation into the pound/SACPA of Plérin (22)

The Plérin pound above the law?

Tongues are loosened on the internet, Google reviews confirm it and a complaint has even just been filed.

But what is happening at the Plérin pound?

In order to put things right, it is good to remember what are the missions of a pound : “municipal structure suitable for the reception and care of dogs and cats found stray or in a state of wandering until the end of the deadlines set out in articles L.211-25 and L.211-26” (article L. 211-24 of the CPMR).

Ok, but concretely, what does this mean for the captured animals?

1) the animal is captured and then placed in the premises of the pound which must respect very specific standards (size of the enclosure, hygiene, provision of fresh water and food, first aid and placement in the infirmary if animal sick or injured)

2) search for owners by tattoo or identification number (compulsory for all animals born after 01/01/2012).

3) reception and care of the animal during a clear period of 8 working days (Law n°99-5 of January 6, 1999 – article 213-4 of the Rural Code)

But what happens to the animal after these 8 days if the owner is not found?

The law provides that at the end of this period, the pound manager may:

– either keep it within the limit of the accommodation capacities of the pound,

– either transfer it free of charge to foundations/associations with a view to offering the animal for adoption,

– or have it euthanized if the veterinarian sees the need for it and as a last resort (article L.211-25 of the CPMR)

In order to enforce the law, pounds are required to have health regulations governing the conditions of exercise, as well as a register of entry and exit of animals, and a register of sanitary monitoring and animal health. kept up to date (article R.214-30-3 of the CPMR).

The SACPA national website also mentions numerous actions aimed at taking animal welfare into account. Available below:

To come back to the situation at the Plérin pound: How is it that some owners fail to recover their animal within the 8-day period? How come some owners are never contacted even though the animal is tattooed? How is it that animals are returned without having eaten or shivering with cold under the jet of cold water from the cleaning hose of the boxes? How is it that healthy animals are euthanized when associative solutions exist?

This is the question many of us ask ourselves.

This is why, gentlemen our elected officials, we thank you for carrying out an investigation into the operation of this pound.

We thank you for checking and making public the following elements and reports:

– exact size of the Plérin pound, its capacity and the names of the municipalities that depend on it,

– verification of the standards relating to the installations according to the conditions set by the ministerial decrees of October 25, 1982 and June 30, 1992 and article L.214-6 of the CRPM

– verification of design standards,

– verification of operating standards and consultation of the following documents: reports of the 2 annual visits of the veterinarian over the past 5 years, health regulations, and the 2 compulsory registers (article R.214-30-3 of the CRPM ).

We also thank you for informing us if the veterinarian has been kept informed of any abnormal mortality or any repeated morbidity of the animals as provided for in article L.214-30 of the CPMR.

We are counting on your willingness to enforce the law by private companies commissioned by our municipalities, and therefore indirectly remunerated by our taxes, and thus participate in improving the animal condition in the Côtes d’Armor,

Best regards,

Citizens and taxpayers waiting for answers

Note : we are aware that other pound establishments (public, associative or private) do a wonderful job and are genuinely concerned about animal welfare (regardless of the species). We would like to thank these establishments which take care of stray animals and allow them to join their families or to be sheltered within animal protection associations.

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