Food waste: some products will no longer have expiry dates

While the planet continues to be threatened by global warming, the promotion of renewable energies is in full swing in several European countries. This is the reason why the marketing of diesel-powered vehicles will be prohibited within a few years. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is not, however, the only option that will save the planet. Food waste is also one of the factors that depletes our natural resources far too quickly. Hence recycling, which was initially adopted by industries. Yet governments want to do more by taking more drastic measures. This, with a view to further preserving the ecosystem in which we currently live.

A very real situation

The statistics published in France in relation to food waste are in any case most alarming. This situation would still affect more than 10 million tonnes of unconsumed products. The main reason being attributed to the expiry dates applied to food products. Almost all food sold on supermarket shelves is affected by this precaution, intended to ensure the health of consumers. A measure that has a particularly destructive impact, both on our economy and on the environment. This initially prompted the British government to opt for the abolition of expiry dates on certain products marketed in supermarkets. Precisely in order to avoid the 16 billion euros of annual waste that is truly harmful to the State’s portfolio.

If we consider these 10 million tons per year of annual food waste, we easily arrive at 30 kg of uneaten food per person per year. Alarming statistics that could well be revised downwards thanks to the removal of expiry dates. Of course, this only affects certain products and strict controls will be carried out as an accompanying measure. Recent research by experts has shown that 20% of this figure will represent the waste avoided by opting for this tactic. For the moment, the Too Good To Go application having requested for the moment that all expiry dates be pushed back by one day.

UK against food waste

Many UK-based companies have followed suit. Which is, of course, in their interest as it would limit their losses considerably. According to our colleagues from The Guardian, the supermarket chain Waitrose would therefore be ready to eliminate the expiry dates of nearly 500 products as soon as possible. A goal that she has set for the start of the 2022 school year at the latest. Suffice to say that this initiative was welcomed in the best possible way in homes. The latter who will no longer have to throw away food.

Food waste is still a serious problem in France to which no solution has been found. However, many households buy their supplies from supermarkets that only offer this type of product. At the same time, this allows them to make real savings on their monthly budget. They will therefore be the first affected by this measure, in the event that it is also applied in France. As you will have understood, this situation is very real and rather difficult to (di)manage. It remains to be seen how the authorities will react in the near futureā€¦

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