Five lions escape their enclosure, Sydney Zoo fully locked down

Five African lions escaped Wednesday from their enclosure at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia, according to Reuters. The entire place has been locked down urgently, while the police and specialized zoo personnel recover the felines.

Alarms sounded throughout the wildlife park, thankfully closed to the public at this time. The animals were quickly found and returned to their enclosure. According to the zoo’s executive director, a lion cub had to be tranquilized during its capture.

Several historical escapes

“This is a significant incident and a full review is underway to determine how the lions were able to exit their main enclosure,” the manager said. “We don’t have the exact details of how and why this happened. After the incident, guards were seen checking the lion enclosure fences for any damage.

An adult male African lion can weigh up to 250 kg, while females can reach 180 kg. A Bengal tiger had escaped from its enclosure at the same zoo in 1946, prowling the enclosure and causing a “frenzy of fear” before being shot by a keeper.

In 1982, around 20 police officers were dispatched to a Sydney suburb after a lion was spotted in the area. The culprit was actually a chubby cat. One of Sydney’s most famous animal escapes dates back to February 2020, when passersby saw three baboons, escaped from a medical research lab, running through a city center car park.

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