Fintatech Announces Trading Chart Designer 2.0

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THE HAGUE, Netherlands, September 28, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Fintatech, a custom trading software development company and high-performance capital market solutions provider, based on a universal “trading platform skeleton” supplemented by software components interconnected and based on modules adapted to the needs of the client, announces significant improvements to its Trading Chart Designer software solution.

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Fintatech Trading Chart Designer 2.0 Release (Graphic: Business Wire)

Our current list of trading software solutions consists of:

– Trading Chart Designer

– Trading Platform Designer

– Trading Data Server

Read on to learn more about the enhancements in Trading Chart Designer 2.0, including

new indicators

On our platform, traders can use over 130 technical analysis indicators to perform the finest market analysis. We continue to research and add new indicators so traders can make better decisions with even more precision. We have introduced many new indicators in version 2.0 of Trading Chart Designer, including volume profile indicators, daily profiles and visible range profile indicators.

Fintatech Scripting 2.0

Fintatech Scripting is a tool for customers to write their own scripts; they are basically robots that can trade independently. First, traders establish the set of rules and strategies that will be executed by the program. In version 2.0 we have:

  • an improved high-speed backtesting engine, developed using the latest .NET Core technology;

  • added new indicators and corresponding strategy methods to make it easier to graphically represent indicators in strategy code;

  • added new performance metrics and optimization methods;

  • several minor fixes and improvements.

Fintatech Paper Trading

Testing your approaches, learning to trade, practicing your abilities and applying theoretical information has never been so easy and so low risk. All stock market decisions and manipulations must satisfy market needs and real trading objectives to make everything as productive and lucrative as possible for the trader. The same risk and return objectives, the same investment limits and the same trading prospects must be calculated for the investor on paper and for the existing account. So you can learn and improve your results with Fintatech Paper Trading.

Fundamental Data View Widget

The effectiveness and necessity of fundamental analysis give rise to heated debates. On the other hand, basic information about the company and its current position in the market is important for all kinds of analysis. They will undoubtedly be useful when making critical decisions.

That’s why we’ve integrated a widget into our platform that displays fundamental data. Now you can get all the information you need, from a brief overview of the company’s activities to its market capitalization, in one place and with just one click.

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