faulty power steering on the Tesla Model S and Model X

After a lull of several weeks, Tesla has just announced a new recall. A news, it is a major element of several tens of thousands of vehicles which is concerned, namely the power steering of certain Model S and Model X, the two top-of-the-range models of the firm, chain releases between 2017 and 2021 .

The failure of the steering, which is naturally 100% electric on these cars, can especially occur when going over bumps or in potholes. According to information provided by the North American authorities, in such circumstances the driver may lose control of his car. Indeed, this defect implies a strong reduction or disappearance of the assistance. According to the manufacturer, however, no accident was caused by this problem.

To fix the problem, Tesla remotely installs a steering control software update. A usual procedure for the firm. To date, no similar recall has been reported to European authorities. The Model S and Model X circulating in Europe being manufactured in the same unit as those delivered in North America, it is however likely that this update will be installed on “our” copies.

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