Everyone wants the Tesla Model Y

Until last year, everyone wanted a Tesla Model 3. With its addition of just €43,800 for the already well-equipped entry-level, the American electric sedan was literally overflowing with orders. But that was before: in recent months, the base price has risen to €53,490 in France. And above all, it now cohabits with a Model Y SUV which attracts the bulk of customers, particularly since the recent arrival of a new entry-level version at €49,990. As a result, people are flocking to the SUV rather than the sedan.

The phenomenon is global: according to Bloomberg journalists, more than 500,000 copies of the Model Y have already been sold worldwide in 2022. According to the publication’s analysts, it could sell close to 800 000 copies of the American electric SUV over the whole year. Which would put it directly in fourth place among the best-selling cars on the planet based on 2021 figures, behind the Toyota Rav4 (1.1 million units), the Corolla (1.1 million units too) and the Honda CR-V (just over 900,000 units).

Model 3 prices drop on the second-hand market

As our colleagues from Frandroid have spotted, this big demand for the Model Y probably influences the prices of the Model 3 on the second-hand market. With the arrival of the Model Y Grande Autonomie and especially the basic version at €49,990, customers are turning away from the Model 3, which lowers the average value of the second-hand sedan. It thus becomes possible again to find low-mileage copies for less than €40,000 on specialized sites. On La Centrale, for example, there are Model 3s with 20,000 kilometers on the odometer for only €37,000.

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