Eure: the husband refuses to eat the dish prepared by his wife, she kills him with a knife

The dinner turned out badly for this couple in their forties, to say the least… A 42-year-old woman killed her husband with six stab wounds, after a domestic dispute, in Montreuil-l’Argillé, in the Eure. The latter would have refused to eat the dish she had prepared for him. She was presented to an examining magistrate on Saturday, October 23.

No physical violence

The 42-year-old woman was “heard on several occasions in police custody, she admitted to having stabbed her husband several times with a kitchen knife, following an argument related to the fact that he did not want to eat the dish that the one -ci had prepared, ”explains Rémi Coutin, the prosecutor of Évreux. She was arrested on Thursday October 20 and presented to an investigating judge on Saturday October 23, after being indicted for spousal homicide and placed in pre-trial detention.

The couple have been married since 2016 and have lived together since 1999, according to the wife. She also “confirmed the fact that there had been no physical violence between them before, on the part of one or the other”, still according to the prosecution. According to her, they had been for several years “more in a situation of cohabitation than in a real relationship as a couple”.

No criminal record

The victim and his wife were both unemployed. It was the wife who called the emergency services, who contacted the gendarmerie. The 48-year-old man would have received “six stab wounds including one in the head and one fatal in the heart”, according to the medical examiner.

The alleged perpetrator of the crime did not bear any signs of violence and was not alcoholic. On the other hand, her husband was, according to the prosecution. The crime was committed with a kitchen knife, after a domestic dispute. Finally, “the victim had no history either from the point of view of justice, or the gendarmerie, or liabilities of domestic violence”.

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