Elon Musk unveils “Optimus” prototypes with few new features

“Elon Musk unveils a robot that can lift its arms. And, for now, that’s about it”Write the Los Angeles Times, as the title of one of his articles. the FinancialTimes doesn’t seem more enthusiastic about what he describes as a “rudimentary prototype”. Friday, September 30, the CEO of Tesla hosted a conference during the “annual artificial intelligence day” (AI Day), organized by his company in Palo Alto, California. This meeting was to feature two prototypes of the robot called “Optimus” to show the progress made by the firm.

“Before the robot made its appearance, Musk warned against excessively inflated expectations. But he assured that this new appearance of Optimus will surpass the presentation of the previous year. The sulphurous billionaire had indeed aroused some mockery when he announced the launch of a robotics project by inviting on stage a dancer in an undershirt, supposed to imitate the future capacities of Optimus.

“More impressive in a few weeks”

This time. They weren’t men in disguise, but machines. the Los Angeles Times describes the appearance of the first robot, “Bumble C”: exposed wires, at the“Hollywood look, between C-3PO and the Terminator”. He walked carefully onto the small stage, waved and then raised his arms in victory. At the microphone, Elon Musk made a point of specifying: “There are plenty of other things the robot can do…” Before broadcasting a video showing this same robot placing a package on a desk, or using a watering can. The second, more neatly finished, could not walk and was pushed by three employees to the front of the stage before executing a brief salute.

For the American title, the two prototypes showed few new features, compared to the advances already made in this area. Elon Musk split a rather vague speech on what the robot would be able to do, while specifying that“there is no limit”. The Tesla boss has also launched an estimate of the selling price, probably less than 20,000 dollars per unit, adding that “Optimus’ performance will be more impressive in a few weeks”. The goal is to make it both a utility robot and a companion for humans, “some kind of friend or mate to go out with”in the words of the billionaire.

Musk’s futuristic promises “did not all come true”continues the Los Angeles Times, from the autonomous car to the anti-traffic tunnels. The event seemed primarily intended to attract young robotics talent to join Tesla’s teams.

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