Elon Musk under pressure to disconnect Teslas in Russia

The current economic sanctions on Russia have forced many international companies to pause or even cease their activities in the country. On Twitter, Tesla CEO Elon Musk was shouted at to “disconnect” all Teslas in circulation in the country.

The blitzkrieg conducted in Ukraine by Vladimir Poutineforced Western countries to take drastic measures. An armed intervention by American or European forces would formalize the entry into war against Russia. An option that Westerners refuse for the time being. Failing to attack physically, they preferred hitting where it hurts: the wallet. Several large multinationals operating in Russia have been ordered to halt them. BP, ShellCMA CGM, Coca-Cola, Mc Donald’s, Ikea, have already stopped their activities or even left the country. Others may follow…

First Starlink

To leave, or to stay? Faced with such a dilemma, other great leaders are taking tweezers in recent days. It’s the case by Elon Musk. the American multi-billionaire, CEO of Tesla and Starlink (among others), is increasingly asked to react in Russia. A balancing act that is no small feat. He had already been asked to disconnect its Starlink satellites, to prevent them from broadcasting to Russia. An option to which he refused to submit, so as not to not penalize customersand not to touch the privacy of each other who would find themselves without internet connection.

And now Tesla

For You’re hereElon Musk had already brought his support for the Ukrainian people. By making his superchargers near ukrainian border free for all. In Poland and Moldova in particular. The thing is different today, where several Internet users have challenged the businessman on Twitter for the order to naturally “disconnect” all Tesla circulating in Russia. A drastic and fanciful measure which seems hard to imagine. the main interested party didn’t even answer it. It is difficult to imagine how deprive thousands of Russians of their cars at a time when their economy has just reached a historic low for decades would be justifiable. A whimsical ideawhich we hope will remain in the drawers.

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