Elon Musk looking for a CEO for Twitter? Jack Dorsey will not re-enlist

Elon Musk says he will try to find a new CEO for Twitter, giving him time to take care of his other businesses. In the process, Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter, said he no longer wanted such a post.

Who will lead Twitter

in the future? His new boss Elon Musk says he would be inclined to find a new leader in order to have more time to work on his other tasks.

On the sidelines of the G20 in Bali, the boss of Tesla, SpaceX and Twitter had indeed spoken about his “hellish” pace of work. He added that his days were more filled since the takeover of Twitter.

He announced his quest for a new CEO during his hearing in a Delaware court where he must defend himself against a complaint accusing him of illegitimate compensation of 56 billion dollars at Tesla.

Elon Musk said he hoped to complete the organizational overhaul of the blue bird company this week.

In addition to the CEO, he also clarified that he hoped to complete the organizational overhaul of the company at l’oiseau bleu this week.


Asked about Musk’s remarks, Jack Dorsey, founder and ex-CEO of Twitter said not be a candidate for such a position. When asked by a twitter user if he would accept a proposal from Musk, his answer was clear: “nope!”

Shortly after this exchange of tweets, Musk went back on his statements adding that the appointment of the new CEO of Twitter “would take time”time to set up a “strong organization”.

Dorsey’s Silence

Jack Dorsey left Twitter as CEO a year ago. It indicated that the company is ready to cut the cord with its founders.

He then remained silent throughout the period of attempted takeover by Elon Musk. He came out of his silence at the beginning of the month, 24 hours after the announcement of the removal of 3,000 employees from Twitter.

He then indicated that he believed responsible for this wave of layoffs after the rapid growth it had performed.

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