Elon Musk is very annoyed that he can no longer make fart noises with Tesla cars

It is a decision that does not pass for Elon Musk.

His company Tesla was recently slapped on the knuckles by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The US federal agency has requested the recall of more than 500,000 of the brand’s cars to update their software. Appeared in 2020, the Boombox function allowed people in a Tesla car to emit sounds inside and outside the car. Goat cries, fart noises or applause: the promise of great laughter and, above all, progress in what is most glorious for Tesla owners.


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NHTSA called the Boombox a “pedestrian collision” hazard. “The feature allows sounds to be heard through an exterior speaker while the car is driving, which may overwhelm the Pedestrian Warning System,” the agency said in a statement released on May 9. february. The PWS is a sound that gives pedestrians the opportunity to identify an approaching electric vehicle.

The announcement of the forced Boombox update was, it seems, heartbreaking for Elon Musk. The entrepreneur spoke about this on Twitter, explaining that “the police of laughter had forced them” to modify the function, which can no longer be used when the car is in driving mode, neutral or “reverse”.

In recent months, Tesla has found itself at the heart of multiple controversies about its vehicles. 800,000 cars were recalled at the beginning of February for a seat belt problem (the sound alert no longer worked) and another 50,000 because of a problem with the automatic driving software which caused the cars to not did not always stop in front of a stop sign. So many issues that seem a priori more important than that of making noise with your car.


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