Elon Musk is ready to face Vladimir Putin in an MMA fight

Elon Musk play with fire. Passing through a podcast, the billionaire joked about finding Vladimir Putin in the octagon, the time of an MMA fight.

Elon Musk versus Vladimir Putin, really?

Passing through the podcast Full Send, Musk therefore joked about the possibility of meeting Vladimir Putin in an octagon, one-on-one. Ambitious, the man at the head of Tesla is also convinced that he would impose himself during this fight, by signing a decision called ” Morse “ : I challenge him to confront me. MMA-style. It will be a pay-per-view. It will be interesting because he is good at martial arts and he is quite strong. You saw those pictures of him on a horse…I have a little weight advantage…I think I’m 30% taller than him. I’m going to use a move called the walrus, where I lay on top of him. You cannot escape. »

A statement that sounds like an assumed troll, knowing that the same Musk had, through his company SpaceX, sent more than 10,000 Starlink Internet kits to Ukraine, allowing the villages most affected by the war to regain access to the Web.

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