Elon Musk buys Twitter, and wants to charge for certification badges

Elon Musk intends to shape Twitter in his image. And things are starting with a switch to all-payment for certified accounts.

Since Elon Musk bought Twitter, the businessman intends to shape the social network in his image. In his crusade against bots and automatic accounts – which almost compromised the transaction – the billionaire has delivered an astonishing new plan of action.

Concretely, the new boss of the blue bird plans to switch the Twitter Blue subscription from $5 per month to $20 per month. Also, he intends to make this subscription mandatory for all certified accountsreports the site of The Verge. Within 90 days, the most influential users, such as influencers, politicians or journalists will have to subscribe to the premium offer offered by Twitter, on pain of losing their precious badge.

If the announcement is surprising, it also caused a small tidal wave among the employees of the company. Not content with having caused the departure of around 75% of the platform’s employees – and in particular its former leaders – Elon Musk would have informed his new collaborators in charge of the project that they would be dismissed if they did not manage to implement this new tool before November 7th.

Will Twitter survive Storm Musk?

As a reminder, Jack Dorsey’s firm launched Twitter Blue last year in the United States, then a little later in the rest of the world. For about $3 per month (then $5 after a price increase), Internet users benefited from some advanced features, such as personalized icons, or the possibility of testing in preview the new features offered by the social network.

With this new certification policy, Elon Musk hopes to monetize the certification badge, by pushing Internet users to spend $20 per month to maintain their premium status. A hard pill to swallow for many influential accounts, which have already signified their opposition to the system proposed by the billionaire. Especially since at a time when Musk dreams of eradicating bots, forcing Internet users to pay for certification may prove to be more counterproductive than expected.

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