Electricity: will you lose food in your freezer in the event of power cuts this winter?


The period worries specialists, but especially the French who do not know if they will be able to heat themselves or if they will have to endure power cuts. Indeed, in the event of large consumption peaks, it is possible that power cuts are implemented with targeted schedules. But, then, what will become of the contents of our freezer?

Electricity: a winter under high voltage with all kinds of problems


This Thursday, October 6, the government presented its energy savings plan. Indeed, for the winter period to pass without a shortage of electricity, the State has thought of several solutions. Alas, ephemeral power cuts could be put in place for businesses, but not only. Individuals are also concerned if the voltage is in extreme overload. These blackout » checked and prepared is a solution which will be deployed as a last resort… Most people begin to imagine that this will be the solution deployed in all cases. But it has the advantage of restoring a certain balance between supply and demand and thus keeping outages at bay for everyone.

In the event of rotating load shedding, the French will have the information of the schedules of their place of residence on the website Ecowatt.

What will we do with the contents of our freezers in the event of power cuts?

In the event of power cuts, what will happen to our food products in the freezer? Be reassured, obviously, there is a backup system. Here are the words of RTE, the operator of the electricity network: If, by chance, a blackout could happen, this blackout lasts two hours, it is organized and in two hours, you don’t lose your freezer. It is a safeguard measure for the French electricity system“, according to information from President Xavier Piechaczyk.


How long does the cold keep in the device?

As a reminder, frozen food is in a -18°C environment. Thawing is a phase of the process that begins when the temperature drops to -9°C. Know that a freezer in good condition and well filled can keep cold for 48 hours. Indeed, frozen food cools between them in their drawers. On the other hand, a half-filled freezer will not keep food for 24 hours.

What to expect for this winter for counters Linky ?

On September 27, we learned that the Enedis company could cut the electricity of customers who have a peak hours/off-peak hours contract. What frighten the French who will have to make forced concessions. Everyone fears the widespread power cut. Elisabeth Borne says: If everyone takes their responsibilities, there will be no cuts. » Who are the responsibles ?

The official decree published discreetly on September 27th indicates: ” Public electricity distribution network managers deactivate the closing of the controllable contact mentioned in article 4 of the decree of January 4, 2012 referred to above between 11 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. This daily deactivation, which cannot be more than two hours, begins before 2 p.m. VSshe concerns Linky meters and hot water cumulus and should start from next October 15th. Questions and doubts persist, but we have no choice but to wait and see what will really happen. Indeed, between theory and practice, there is sometimes a world!


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