Despite the many assaults of the Tesla, this motorist is impossible to overtake!

Could it be Sergio Pérez driving this black car? The question is legitimate when we see this driver fighting so hard to stay in front of a Tesla.

This obviously reminds us of this fierce duel between the Red Bull driver and Lewis Hamilton at the last F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Battle between the two pilots which allowed Max Verstappen to return to the height of the Briton and to relaunch it in this dantesque final of the 2021 season… The one who would become world champion a few minutes later for the first time in his career had described his teammate as a legend since the Mexican had masterfully resisted the seven-time world champion.

No Formula 1 in this video but an aggressive “defense” on the highway so as not to be overtaken. Defense based on movements to the left, to the right or even braking. It is assumed without difficulty that this sequence is the result of a confusion between the two motorists.

He never gives up!

This Tesla must not double it, no matter what! The driver in front of the electric sedan is ready to do anything to block his way, without letting go of a centimeter. There are drivers in Formula 1 who could take inspiration from such a defense!

Clement Fauriel

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