Decathlon in the sights of an animal protection association, here’s why!

Decathlon remains a store that allows many athletes to buy all the necessary products to the good practice of their sports. You can therefore find spokes for dancing, cycling, hiking, but also fishing and many more. But now, the fishing department begins to attract the wrath of associations for animal protection. Indeed, to be able to fish, you need bait. And precisely, a fish farm is responsible for providing bait to the store. But this supplier remains in the sights of associations including Paris Animaux Zoopolis, which strongly suspect animal abuse.. We’ll explaine everything here.

Decathlon, suspected of animal abuse

The Paris Animals Association Zoopolis remains an organization that defends the animal cause. Indeed, their primary goal is to ensure animal welfare. Thus, when an organization or mistreatment on any animal seems to find, the association does not drop the case before winning. Thus, even if it does not remain Decathlon itself which mistreats, by associating with organizations which use the practice, he encourages her.

The Decathlon brand is thus in a very bad position because of this affair which could cost him very dearly. Thus, the association seems to accuse Decathlon of doing business with a fish farm in Maine-et-Loire which has use of animal abuse. France 3 Pays de Loire was therefore able to report this case.

The report

So in the broadcast on France 3 Monday, October 24, the animal protection association was able to show the interior of the fish farm. Thus, the association greatly regrets the living conditions of the fish in this place. The co-founder of the association declares “At each step, breeding, sale, captivity, sin to the quick, the fish suffer”. But precisely, these fish which have suffered remain marketed by the Decathlon brand. You can find them in the stores of Decathlon Nantes Atantlis, in Saint-Herblain in Loire-Atlantique.

The latter therefore remain sold by Decathlon as live bait for live fishing parties. A way to catch fish that only eat meat. The co-founder then declared to France 3 that “We believe that Decathlon is a leader in the sports market. It’s a matter of imagebecause the responsibility of a leader is to lead by example”.

A need for modernity

What animal protection associations regret the most is the lack of modernization of this practice. In effect, fish used as live bait are suffering as new ways may emerge. To make such a form of fishing without abuse. This practice is still described as “cruel and archaic practice”. For associations,They don’t want to stop as long as the competition can continue to sell live fish for bait fishing”. But Decathlon plays a role.

Indeed, by marketing such varieties so that live fishing continues, Decathlon is taking part in this fight led by the associations. By continuing to market, the brand therefore encourages such practices. But the sign declares to remain “attentive to all requests on this subject”.

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