Deauville: Jacques Aviègne dit Miocque, the restaurateur friend of the stars died

Miocque was more than a restaurateur, he was the true friend of the stars. Here with Philippe Lavil. ©The Pays d’Auge

Jacques Averne was born in Le Havre on May 17, 1945. In turn Terre Neuvas and server on France, he even opened a brasserie in New York, on Madison Avenue. A singular path to say the least which naturally led him to settle in the heart of Deauville where for 36 years, Jacques, who became Miocque, welcomed all of Paris and well beyond.

In the brasserie on rue Eugène Colas, easily identifiable by its red and white striped awning, the one everyone called Miocque hosted the most famous people on the planet. In 1999, Johnny Hallyday, filming in Deauville, created a riot in the street by reserving the entire restaurant for him and around sixty of his friends. One anecdote among others when it is said that even Barack Obama dined there during the G8. An obligatory passage for the most prominent singers, the most famous comedians, politicians campaigning at the sea, the brasserie attracted just as much as its truculent boss who could boast, without boasting, that he was everyone’s friend.

A photo wall

Witness to these encounters, the walls covered with portraits of Miocque, arm in arm with his star friends were a sort of Who’s Who, where appearing had become the pinnacle of consecration.

Handing over after 36 years at the head of his restaurant, Miocque left with his photos under his arm. A few days ago, he finally bowed out.

On instagram, Gilles Pudlowski paid him a tribute as poignant as it was sincere: “Jacques was ‘our’ big mouth, our nostalgia, with his harshness, his kisses, his jolts, his cider from David’s in Blangy, his Bordeaux bourgeois wines and his old calvas that we used to sluice out until after a while. He was this Audiard character, living his life like a movie, belching with talent, humor, tenderness. We will miss you, Jacques…”

For a few years, Miocque had already been greatly missed in Deauville.

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