Cybertruck deliveries will finally start next summer

After several consecutive delays, Tesla has announced that Cybertruck deliveries will finally be able to begin next summer.


Will we finally be able to drive the long-awaited all-electric pickup from You’re here next summer ? The answer is yes, according to Elon Musk. The big boss of the firm has just affirmed this during a call to investors, assuring that “the company was finally planning to deliver the first Cybertrucks as early as the middle of next year“. The event is to be taken into consideration, because Tesla had until then always postponed the delivery dates of its electric pickups.

The firm has indeed accumulated significant delivery delays on practically all the models in its range. the cybertruck had been announced in 2021 but had finally been postponed to 2022. But in 2022 the pick-up was once again postponed for an additional year. For the very first time, Elon Musk therefore indicates a precise timetable for the Cybertruck, with deliveries that would arrive precisely next summer.

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Tesla announces cybertrucks for summer 2023

Tesla’s Cybertruck will notably retain its atypical look, as Elon Musk announced in an interview on YouTube. Its angular design is quite extravagant but also makes it one of its big particularities. It is also this strange design that has complicated the deliveries of this Cybertruck. Tesla even had several issues with making its odd angular design safe for real-world use.

The electric pick-up was notably too high for the tunnels, too wide for car parks and garages or even too big for European streets. Then the Covid pandemic came through and Tesla had several problems in its gigafactory. This is why some Model X, Y or S have also experienced many delays in their respective delivery times. Either way, all those delivery issues should be history. And it will actually be possible to come across Tesla’s first Cybertrucks next summer.

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