Cow “Shakira” saved from drowning in the Tarn: we give you some news

Weakened, shocked and in hypothermia, Thursday morning, once evacuated from the water, the cow “Shakira” was not in great shape. It must be said that his rescue required several dangerous handling operations for the fifteen firefighters present on the scene.

A very complicated operation to save this Blonde d’Aquitaine of 600 kg blocked in the Agout, at a place called Lagrave in Sémalens, a priori since the night before.

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“We take care of her, we take care of her well”

“The next few hours will be decisive…”, had dropped the veterinarian after having infused “Shakira” as soon as he returned to the bank. Contacted by our editorial staff this Friday morning, the owner of the animal, Frédéric Planté, remains cautious about the state of health of the cow.

“After receiving first aid, she got up and then slowly came home. I was a little worried because I was afraid she had swallowed water, but her lungs are “Perfect. But the vet came back this morning, because she has edema and she has a fever. I think it’s normal, this incident was violent for her. It has to pass now.” In the meantime, we take care of her, we take care of her well“, he confided.

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