Couple find cat giving birth on their doorstep

The owners of the cat wished to offer her a better life with her young.

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In Arizonato United States, a couple was surprised to discover a cat lying in front of the door of their house. She was in full labor, ready to give birth to her litter. Without fully understanding the why and how, the couple knew they had to act. They carried the cat inside and supported her throughout the delivery.

The cat, stressed, did not feed her young

The birth went well, but the mother was very anxious. She was not nursing her babies. The couple who discovered him therefore went to a shelter called Jin’s Bottle Babies. On the spot, shelby and her husband Brandon placed the babies in an incubator to keep them warm. They also fed them with a bottle of milk.

Once the little ones were warmed up, they were given back to the mother. “Brandon set up a camera so he could watch from afar, and eventually she let the babies nurse“, has explained shelby at lovemeow.

The cat had been abandoned in order to offer him a better life.

shelby finally got more info on the mom cat. “It turns out that the people who dropped her off in the middle of childbirth (on the doorstep) have been through some tough times and have been living in their car in a park for some time now.“The owners therefore hoped to provide a better life for the feline family.

One of the cubs did not survive

After birth, all 6 babies in the litter were severely underweight. 3 of them were even less than 60 grams. The investment of shelby and her husband saved 5 of them, which was already unexpected.

As for the mother, once her anxiety passed, she took her role very seriously. She took excellent care of her little ones. Moreover, she has adapted very well to her new life and requires many caresses from humans.

Mom is such a sweet cat and we are going to find her the best forever home that will love her and spoil her throughout her days.“, promised shelby.

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