Cooking Oil: How Many Times Can You Reuse It!

The reuse of cooking oil is often controversial in homes. Indeed, many people reheat the oil in the pan to cook gourmet dishes. Who can say precisely how many times we fear to reuse it without danger to health? Read on!

How many times can you reuse oil for frying?

How many times can you reuse oil for frying?

The possibility of reusing the same oil depends on the food we have to fry. Indeed, some foods require a lot more oil than others. But to avoid waste, you can use the one that remains. For example, you can use it more than once. However, you must follow some fairly strict rules.

The more it heats up, the more it loses its beneficial properties. You must then be vigilant. When pouring this food into the pan.. If you notice that it begins to smoke, burn or foam, it is therefore best to throw it away immediately.

Important advice!

Important advice!

After using your oil for the first frying, before filtering it using a very fine mesh sieve and cheesecloth. Wait for it to cool completely. Then you can store it in an airtight container and keep it in the shade in a dark place in your kitchen.

Indeed, each person has their own method of preservation. Some store used sunflower oil in a glass container. Others leave it in a covered pan and strain it when they need to reuse it.

Frying Oil: Why Experts Don't Recommend Reusing It!

Frying Oil: Why Experts Don’t Recommend Reusing It!

Experts advise against using the same frying oil for different foods. So if you heat the oil in the pan in which you have fried potatoes for example .. Avoid cooking fish or chicken. This is so as not to have a mixture of tastes and flavors.

Some experts advise refraining from reusing frying oil. Indeed, when you cook with this food, once heated, a series of toxic compounds are formed. Especially acrylamide. It is then a substance that develops naturally in starchy foods when they are cooked at high temperature.



Also, most foods you fry in oil contain starch. In particular potatoes, croquettes or meatballs. The specialists then underline the constant presence of acrylamide. However, if you must not abuse these foods that contain starch… You must also be very careful about the amount of fried foods you eat regularly.

Once it reaches high temperatures, the fat oxidation process is accelerated. Once released, these fats actually create other toxic compounds that are unfortunately absorbed by the foods you fry in oil.

In short, every time you reheat or reuse cooking oil… These toxic compounds are released much sooner, at lower temperatures. From now on, the best way to know if this food is harmful to your health, is to check carefully if there is no smoke escaping from the pan or saucepan.

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