Coffee, jam, cereals… The flagship breakfast products are not immune to inflation

According to INSEE figures, both drinks and breakfast food products have seen their prices jump in one year. Household appliances such as coffee makers or toasters are not spared either.

An increasingly salty bill. According to INSEE figures published on Thursday, flagship breakfast products are not spared from inflation. As for drinks, the prize for the biggest increase on the shelves goes to coffee, the price of which rose by 11.2% between August 2021 and August 2022.

This is more than whole milk (+7.8%) or skimmed and semi-skimmed milk (+9.4%) which nevertheless recorded strong increases, as did cocoa and chocolate powder (+6.7 %) or fruit juices (+6%). On the other hand, the evolution of the prices of teas and infusions is more moderate: +3.1% in one year.

These increases are explained by the increase in production costs, mainly due to the surge in energy prices, but also by the sharp rise in transport costs in recent months as well as by that of raw materials. The coffee bean in particular saw its prices soar due to episodes of frost and flooding in Brazil, the world’s largest producer, destroying part of the harvest and considerably reducing the supply.

+15.8% for butter, +11.4% for eggs…

Among other breakfast essentials, cereals saw their prices rise by 9.5% in August, year on year. An increase close to that observed for yogurts (9.7%) or sugar (+9.1%). For their part, eggs gained 11.4%, while fresh fruit increased by 3.2%. Sandwich lovers have undoubtedly also noticed the inflation that is hitting bread (+8.2%), butter (+15.8%) or even jams, compotes and honey (+7.8%).

Note that the small appliances used for breakfast are also much more expensive than a year ago. Both toasters and coffee makers saw their prices jump by 14.7% between August 2021 and August 2022.

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