Circus Muller accused of abuse: shocking images of the conditions of detention of his hippopotamus “Jumbo”

The broadcast of a video showing the living conditions of the mammal arouses controversy.

The Muller circus in turmoil. On a video, we can see the “Jumbo” hippopotamus violently banging its teeth on the wall of its small pool of water. The images were taken on October 26 in Trans-en-Provence (Var) and shared by the animal protection association One Voice with the hashtag #SauvonsJumbo. On Twitter, they aroused the indignation of Internet users.

“Jumbo is locked in a trailer. In this video, we see all the suffering endured by this animal”, believes Muriel Arnal, head of One Voice Animal, with France 3 Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. She adds that the conditions of detention of the animal are in “violation of the law”.

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Typing his teeth, “it relieves him”

Faced with the controversy, the Muller circus which exploits the mammal defends itself. “They say that our hippopotamus is unhappy, that we don’t know how to take care of it. It’s completely false”, assures the director of the circus Alexandre Muller to BFM TV. At the microphone of France 3John Muller explains for his part that the hippos “have growing tusks so they hit the ground, it relieves them. They can hit the sheet metal as well as a tree, these are natural gestures.

By 2028, keeping wild animals like Jumbo will be banned in traveling circuses.

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