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It is in itself the emblem of our modern-day junk food: the hamburger. As such and on the occasion of his international day, he deserved to be given a quiz in nine films and nine hamburgers.

We no longer count the scenes of restaurants, dinners or kitchens in the films, which are obviously very numerous. But it also happens that food is at the very center of certain film productions.

If we go back to the 1970s, we can for example think of La Grande bouffe by Marco Ferreri and its four-star cast, in which Philippe Noiret, Marcelo Mastroianni, Michel Piccoli and Ugo Tognazzi, tired by their monotonous life, decided to lock themselves in a villa to kill themselves in an orgy of food. A film which already denounced in its time the excesses of the overconsumption society.

More recently, and in a lighter register, it was Ratatouille from the Pixar studios which, in 2007, plunged us into the world of Parisian haute cuisine. We could follow the adventures of the rat Rémy, an outstanding cook thanks to his overdeveloped sense of smell, who aims to become a great chef at the restaurant Chez Gusteau. A dream that he will be able to materialize through his meeting and his collaboration with the young cook Alfredo.

Junk food has also had its heyday in cinema. In 2004, in the documentary Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock decided to eat exclusively at McDonald’s for three meals a day, to test the effects of this type of food on his metabolism and to denounce the ravages of junk food. An experience that, unsurprisingly, led to a weight gain of eleven kilos and liver problems.

Ten years later, director John Lee Hancock was also interested in the king of the hamburger company, this time making a biographical film devoted to Ray Krock who had developed and franchised the McDonald’s empire, with Michael Keaton in the role. major.

It also happens that the hamburger makes a few fleeting appearances in film scenes, as we will see with this quiz dedicated to this famous sandwich.

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