Cholesterol: here are the 5 meats that you can eat without risk and without fear!

Bad cholesterol is a concern that affects many people. It is actually a lipoprotein levels low density called LDL too high. It represents real health risks and is favored by a diet that is too rich in saturated fats. And very often, the fault comes back to the meats. And yet, some of them do not promote bad cholesterol, even, they can even fight it. We’ll explaine everything here.


It is the nutritionist Raphaël Gruman who helps to see more clearly about cholesterol and meats. Indeed, he explains that most of the cholesterol that the body seems to need is already created by the liver. But the rest comes from food. It should be kept in mind that the cholesterol is necessary for our body. It plays a big role in how it works.

Indeed, cholesterol has the role of helping the composition of cells, but also the synthesis of hormones. But like any good thing, in excess it can become dangerous. It is therefore the “bad” cholesterol. The latter can lead to serious problems such as cardiovascular problemsthem heart attack or even strokes.

Thus, it is thus necessary to take care of the diet so as not to bring too much cholesterol to the body. And most of the time, this excess comes from so-called saturated fats which come from animal fats. Thus, certain meats that are usually eaten can make cholesterol levels worse, just like alcohol.

But, for all the carnivores who don’t see themselves stopping their meat consumption, don’t panic. In effect, certain meats are shown to be beneficial for cholesterol, or even harmless. It is the nutritionist Raphaël Gruman who explains all this.

what to eat

In fact, do not confuse everything. If the bad cholesterol must be fought, the good one must not suffer from it. It must be remembered that the bad comes from low density lipoproteins. But the good him comes from high density lipoproteins called HDL. The latter helps that atherosclerotic plaques do not form on the arteries.

Bad cholesterol, on the other hand, often comes from red meat. And even worse, cold cuts or processed meats. Also, dairy products can also promote it. So be careful not to consume too much..

And if these saturated fatty acids have a bad impact, unsaturated fatty acids are beneficial to good cholesterol. They will indeed help the level of lipids in the blood and thus help the cardiovascular functioning of the body. They can mainly be found in linseedthem vegetal oilsthem nutthem Pisces say fat, peanut or even the lawyer. But that’s not all. Some meats are also part of this list.

Rates to avoid

Indeed, bad cholesterol can and should be present in the body. But it should not exceed 1.6 grams per liter of blood. While the good cholesterol, HDL, must remain above 0.35 grams per liter of blood. Thereby, in total, the cholesterol must always be 2 g per liter of blood.

Thus, some meats are not to be consumed in moderation if you have bad cholesterol. Among them, we can find the chickenthe turkeybut also the calf, them burgers that have 5% fat and finally the rabbit. So, no need to give up meat. You just have to choose the right one.

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