China: a Tesla becomes uncontrollable, the impressive accident kills two

A video showing a car accident involving a Tesla provokes a lively controversy in China where the company is singled out for a potential failure of its braking system.

The video is chilling. If the terrible accident took place on November 5, the images of a completely uncontrollable Tesla are starting to go around the internet in recent days.

In the footage, a Tesla Model Y car can be seen attempting to park before beginning its mad dash through the streets of the Chaozhou metropolis in southern China’s Guangdong province.

Very quickly the vehicle seems uncontrollable and accelerates rapidly. Launched at full speed, the Tesla manages to suddenly avoid obstacles in its path but quickly overturns a two-wheeler. The drama continues when the traffic is a little denser, the car hits head-on a small van (warning shocking images), before ending violently in a wall.

Several deaths

According to Reuters, two people lost their lives in this terrible accident, a motorcyclist and a high school student. Three others were injured.

“Police are currently seeking a third-party assessment agency to identify the truth behind this accident and we will actively provide all necessary assistance,” Elon Musk’s electric vehicle maker said on Sunday, warning against “rumors”. on a possible failure of the vehicle’s integrated system.

Ongoing investigation

The second biggest market in the world for Tesla, China made the accident one of its main topics of discussion yesterday on social networks.

According to initial reports, a family member of the 55-year-old driver said he had had problems with the brake pedal.

In CCTV footage, the brake lights are not illuminated, Tesla noted, as the company faces several such failure claims in China, Reuters reported.

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