China: a mad Tesla causes an accident and kills two people

As the driver attempted to park, the car apparently decided on its own to accelerate and drive at high speed through an urban area.

A suspected bug that claimed the lives of two people and left three injured. A serious road accident occurred on November 5 in the city of Chaozhou (China), which could have been caused by a failure of a Tesla brand car.

Chilling images

As explained, video in support, the South China Morning Post, the driver of the car in question was parking when he suddenly lost control of his vehicle. According to the driver of the Tesla, this one would have, for an unknown reason, decided alone to accelerate.

CCTV footage compiled by local media shows the Tesla driving at high speed down the main street of Chaozhou, before eventually hitting a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction, causing a crash of rare violence.

Two dead and three injured

According to information from the South China Morning Post, this frightening accident killed two people and injured three, including the 55-year-old man who was driving the Tesla. The analyzes carried out by the police also confirmed that the latter was not under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.

The first elements of the investigation therefore corroborate the hypothesis of a serious failure of the American car. According to one of his relatives, the driver had some problems with the brake pedal. For its part, Tesla indicates that the data recorded by the vehicle indicates that the brake was not activated. According to Reuters, the manufacturer has also said that it will do everything possible to help the police in the investigation to determine the causes of the crash.

VIDEO – An out-of-control Tesla crashes into a building at 112 km/h

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