Getting paid to trade cryptocurrencies: dYdX’s shock operation

All work merits salary – In recent years, Decentralized Finance, or DeFi for connoisseurs, has undoubtedly been among the most decisive innovations related to blockchain technology. Secure access to traditional financial services in a decentralized and uncensored way is indeed a true revolution for crypto investing. Key players in this ecosystem, so-called “decentralized” exchange platforms … Read more

Stock Market » 3 Indicators on TradingView for Stock Trading

3 Indicators Available on TradingView for Stock Trading TradingView has thousands of built-in indicators that can help you trade instruments of all kinds. Today’s article will focus on fast and reliable indicators that are best suited for stock trading. Traders will frequently use a combination of fundamental and technical analysis to gauge the direction a … Read more

BTC/USD: the risk of a further fall continues to dominate

Bitcoin could continue to sink in this risk-off environment The price of the main cryptocurrencies continues to consolidate in the short term, with BTC/USD remaining close to its symbolic threshold at $20,000. However, the outlook remains bearish in the cryptocurrency market due to significant headwinds for risky assets in the current context of monetary tightening … Read more

Fdj: Launch of a new scratch game

Receive the value of the day selected by The data collected is essential for this processing and is intended for the relevant departments of BFM Bourse and, where applicable, its service providers. They are kept for the duration of the processing and/or for the duration of the specific processing to which you have consented and/or … Read more