In its new issue, the show “La Touche Animale” takes an interest in the world of Pet Influence with distinguished canine guests

You have an appointment this evening at 7 p.m. with Yoann Latouche and his guests for the 6e episode of La Touche Animale, the show for pet lovers. An issue devoted to increasingly prominent and followed actors in the animal world: influencers. Illustrative photo Last week, the health of the animal and many other important … Read more

The administrative court suspends hunting in Martinique until further notice

The prefect of Martinique must correct his copy about hunting. Last week, the administrative court of Fort-de-France decided to suspend the decree framing the opening of the practice in Martinique. This decree issued on July 19 covered all bird hunting activities on the territory. Several associations, the League for the protection of birds (LPO), the … Read more

She takes a nap with her chihuahua, he sends her to the hospital in a disgusting way

Take a nap with your pet, it seems quite innocuous, especially for those who have made this practice a way of life. Amanda Gomma, a 51-year-old British mother, had adopted the habit too, especially with Belle, her daughter’s adorable chihuaha, when a potentially tragic accident derailed one of their daily naps. She was sleeping with … Read more

By walking their dog near a stream, they put an end to a nightmare of a couple looking for their Poodle for more than 10 days

Burritos is a famous dog Aucklandin New Zealand, being followed by more than 4000 subscribers on instagram. This magnificent 3-year-old Poodle is the delight of its owners, Grace and isaac layola. burrito.the.poodle / Instagram The couple, however, recently experienced 11 days of anguish with the disappearance of the canine, which was eventually found thanks to … Read more

the prefect authorizes the “sampling shot” on the wolf after an agitated demonstration

The prefect of Lozère announced that he had authorized “sampling shots” against “wolves who kill livestock”, following a demonstration by breeders during which the police used tear gas. Access to this content has been blocked to respect your choice of consent Clicking on ” I ACCEPT », you accept the deposit of cookies by external … Read more