the dolphins organize themselves into a gang to access the females

Two bottlenose dolphins (“Tursiops truncatus”), in Shark Bay (Australia), in March 2013. (C) MITSUAKI IWAGO / MINDEN PICTURES / BIOSPHOTO La series Pinball the dolphin fed generations of children. Created in 1964, constantly broadcast around the world (in France until 2009), it celebrated, with clicks and whistles, the generosity, gentleness and loyalty of the cetacean. … Read more

Climate change also impacts bird migration

On the occasion of the European Bird Migration Days this first weekend of October, guided walks are organized in Releghem in Flemish Brabant to observe and learn more about migratory birds and above all to raise awareness of the need to protect the environment. Because more and more migrants are affected by climate change. Evidenced … Read more

African swine fever and avian influenza: can we limit the predicted disasters?

“Avian influenza is a disaster”. Deputy Director General of ANSES, Gilles Salvat does not mince his words when he mentions this disease during the round table on epizootics organized by Afja (French association of agricultural journalists), on the sidelines of Space, on 12 last September. And it is indeed in the present that Gilles Salvat … Read more

These dogs and cats are waiting at the Nargis refuge: discover the portraits of Floyd, Bagherra, Joupy, Esmeralda, Kiara, Tao and Tessa

Floyd, 1.5 years old Last name :FloydSex : MaleAge : A year and a halfBreed : Shepherd CrusaderJourney : Floyd arrived from Romania a few weeks ago and was in foster care. Unfortunately, the two cats in the house didn’t want it!Temper : He gets along with everyone, he is clean, almost educated, he loves … Read more

Can you find the unpaired dog in this picture in 10 seconds? Explanation and solution to this optical illusion.

What is an optical illusion? Optical illusion, also known as visual illusion, is a kind of illusion caused by the visual system as part of visual perception. They are characterized by a visual perception that differs from reality. Simply put, optical illusion is a kind of illusion in which we are not able to clearly … Read more