can Toyota’s future electric sedan really compete with the Tesla Model 3?

Toyota’s second 100% electric car is coming before the end of 2023. The bZ3 will be a sedan and will have the heavy task of tackling the queen of the category.

A name still as bizarre, an even more classic style, the next electric Toyota is a sedan. But not just any sedan, one of those that directly attacks the Tesla Model 3. Indeed, after marketing its first 100% electric vehicle, the bZ4X, the Japanese manufacturer wants to double down. The bZ3, that’s its name, takes up the style inaugurated by Toyota’s first zero-emission car, but goes from a massive SUV to a sedan with rather contained dimensions. Nevertheless, according to the first images that have leaked on the Web, it is possible to see an obvious filiation between the two models, in particular on the front face and the shape of the optics.

Like the brand’s electric SUV, the bZ3 will be based on the e-TNGA platform. On the other hand, unlike the bZ4X, Toyota would only provide one type of engine, a single-engine propulsion system available in two 181 hp or 240 hp versions. As for the battery part, it is still kept secret by the brand, but it is already certain that it will be provided by the Chinese BYD.

Does the Tesla Model 3 have reason to shake?

If Toyota has never hidden its intention to take its time on the electric car, the fact remains that its intentions with the bZ3 are obvious: to slow down Tesla’s progress and really establish itself as a credible player in the market. electric.

Admittedly, the formalization of the bZ3 will not take place before the end of the year, but the numerous leaks of its design, but also of its technical data sheet already make it possible to get an idea of ​​its positioning. In terms of performance, it seems obvious that it will have a hard time competing with the Tesla Model 3 it wants to rub shoulders with. On autonomy, it could have a card to play if we refer to the performance observed on the bZ4X, which displayed quite honorable consumption for an SUV (18.7 kWh / 100 km).

Given the rather reasonable performance that the bZ3 would offer, it seems likely that it will mainly attack Tesla’s entry-level, the Model 3 Standard. But if in terms of autonomy, the previous bZ4x is reassuring, this is not really the case with the price. Indeed, Toyota’s electric SUV starts at 46,900 euros and even if it is well equipped, it is not really what can be considered as an accessible vehicle. If the bZ3 wants to attack the Model 3, it will have to reduce the amount of the invoice, it is only at this price that it could worry Tesla.

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