BURGUNDY: Naturalist associations want to put an end to the reckless destruction of foxes

Communicated :
On the eve of the so-called – falsely – “general” opening of hunting (hunting for most game has been open for several weeks, even several months), the associations grouped together within the Entente Naturaliste de Bourgogne are continuing their action in favor of the red fox. They will soon question the authorities and the competent administrative services in order to know the number of foxes killed over the course of a year by the various means of destruction, under hunting and under species likely to cause damage (shooting , including at night, beaten, trapping, digging up).

The administration authorizes, even orders, the destruction of foxes all year round, focusing exclusively on the damage (real or supposed) attributed to the animal, without taking into account either its biology or the dynamics of its populations, nor of the patrimonial interest of the species. Moreover, without feeling the need to count the number of slaughtered individuals. Questioned in 2021, the departmental directorates of the territories of the four Burgundy departments were only able to communicate incomplete figures, or even no figures! This practice leads to massive and unjustified destruction. Information will again be requested to raise awareness among the administrative services and convince them of the need for more serious management of this species, which is wrongly considered to be “harmful”.
The member associations of the Entente Naturaliste de Bourgogne are asking for another status for the Red Fox, based on the principle of protection and not on the principle of destruction.

The member associations of the Entente Naturaliste de Bourgogne:
Ornithological and Mammalogical Association of Saône-et-Loire
Association La Choue
Autun Natural History Society

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