Burger King releases a ghost detector for Halloween!

Halloween is approaching and Burger King is going to scare all its customers: the fast-food giant is releasing a ghost detector for October!

“Who are you gonna call? Ghostbusters! » As Halloween approaches, Burger King strikes a blow and takes out his ghost detector. MCETV explains everything about this hunt launched in the restaurants of the burger giant!

Halloween and its ghost detector

Because a few weeks before Halloween, the tension is mounting. Like every yearthe restaurants will thus compete in ingenuity to scare their customers… but also to make them laugh. Especially since at this time of year, Ronald McDonald’s is not allowed out.

So while the competition must remain closed, Burger King takes advantage of it! The brand likes to adapt to all situations. This year, it will therefore be necessary to hunt the ghosts in the restaurants… and even outside, with the app created for the occasion!

In effect, in the usual BK app, an update will take place. It will thus allow you to hunt ghosts. Paranormal activity? A doubt ? We turn on the app, we scan… And above all, we shiver. Because surprises can happen quickly.

the Ghost Detector added by Burger King to its app allows you to change for the occasion. So we dress like a real ghost hunter, and we go in search of strange activities! A way to find out if your house is haunted.

BK has already made the buzz a few weeks ago with La Casa de Papel. This time, it’s not about putting yourself in the shoes of the heroes of a series, but of films. Chills and surprises guaranteed. Especially since the firm does not stop there for Halloween!

Burger King revamps its burgers

Indeed, the brand had achieved a nice buzz a few years ago. A very colorful burger had indeed burst on the card on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. And as the fans had appreciated, the creators bring the color up to date.

This time, no question of a lovers’ party, but of a party of ghosts, vampires and other threats. Burger King therefore creates a special burger for the occasion: the Ghost Pepper Whopper ! This time again, the famous Whopper will change…

And as the name suggests, it will once again be about ghosts. But also pepper. So find out this new orange sandwich, with lots of little seeds. Pumpkin? No… But other foods are hiding.

In effect, Burger King claims to have put “spicy ghost pepper cheese” in his new burger. A cheese you can’t see? What do we not feel? Who doesn’t exist, or who we don’t know? Only insiders will be able to have the answer to these questions.

Because with the app, BK faithful will have access to promotional offers to taste the Ghost Pepper Whopper. A way to get some peppery chills for Halloween… before other surprises from the brand in restaurants?

Because by dint of looking for spirits between the terminals, the counters and the trays, it may well be that some fans find them… So it remains to see the little ones happenings what does the brand have in store to its most daring fans!

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