Brussels: a famous gourmet restaurant says it has to move because of the Good Move plan

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Lhe Rabassier, a famous gastronomic restaurant, will soon leave the Sablon. Indeed, according to the boss, the situation is becoming unbearable because of the Good Move plan.

“My customers tell me themselves, they will no longer come to my restaurant”, explains Christophe Durieux to our colleagues from BX1.

For the restaurateur, since the implementation of the Good Move plan, it has become too complicated for his customers to take the small belt to get to the restaurant: “It becomes unlivable. I lost 80% of my clientele,” laments Christophe Durieux.

Not the only one?

The boss therefore decided to close his restaurant on October 31: “We found another place near Wolvendael Park in Uccle,” he explains.

The restaurateur concludes: “Many other restaurants in the center are likely to do the same as us. »

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