“Band of assholes”: Jazz Correia furious, her huge rant after being accused of abandoning her dogs

Once again, Jazz was very up in stories on Instagram. As we know, the star does not have her tongue in her pocket when it comes to responding to those who attack her. The enemy of Nabilla and Maeva Ghennam proved it again a few days ago. So what happened? In stories on Instagram, Jazz has announced that they have adopted a new dog, his 5th, in a breeding in France. In order to give a little boost to the owner, she quoted the Instagram account of the latter. Except that Jazz haters attacked this account and had it deleted, accusing Jazz of having abandoned her four other dogs since she has not posted recent photos with them. It was too much for Chelsea, Cayden and London’s mum.

Jazz sets the record straight about his dogs

It is on Instagram that the one who almost was in Moms & Famous took the floor, first to make things clear about his dogs. No, she has not abandoned them at all, she assures. “My dogs are not abandoned! Whether it’s Blue, Heart, Simba or Scarla, they are in my house in dubai with my nannies and my driver. They are doing very well ! We have not abandoned any dogs, they are at my house!! (…) Did you understand that we still lived in Dubai?! You’re freaking me out!” she said.

You are shameful, wicked, you disgust me

Subsequently, Jazz let go as in the face of the wickedness of the people who closed the Instagram account of the breeding where she adopted her new dog. “These people work! Garbage ! They took a long time to have their community, they share their little puppies, I am a customer with them. I shared because I get a lot of questions and you shit hatersyou blow up their account because I ‘abandoned’ my dogs? But where did I leave my dogs assholes that you are! It actually drives me crazy!” she said.

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