Bad news for the Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla’s infamous, crazy-style pickup is going to cost more than expected because of inflation. And its technical characteristics will not be quite those announced at the beginning.

A little over two years ago, Tesla surprised everyone by unveiling the Cybertruck. 100% electric pick-up with a completely crazy design, this Cybertruck was initially due to arrive in 2021 with the first customers. It will finally be necessary to wait until the middle of next year to see it land on American roads. And we still don’t know if he will come to Europe.

Unfortunately, Elon Musk has bad news about this Cybertruck. He has indeed just specified that because of inflation, the vehicle will cost a little more than expected. Remember that at the launch, Tesla was counting on a first price of $39,900.

Technical differences

Elon Musk also specifies that the technical specifications will differ from those initially announced. But he does not give details of these changes. As for the production of the machine, it will begin in mid-2023.

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