Avian flu: Reunionese tourists disinfected on their arrival in Mauritius

When getting off the plane in Mauritius, this Wednesday, November 2, 2022, passengers from Reunion will go through a disinfection mat before being able to go through customs and exit the terminal. The avian flu epidemic affecting poultry farms worries our neighbours.

This November 2, 2022, is marked by the mandatory disinfection of all passengers arriving in Mauritius from Reunion.tells us Radio One.

This measure is officially implemented today to fight against the avian flu epidemic. 200 chickens from three backyards in the west of the department were slaughtered.

This disease is spreading at high speed. In France, thousands of ducks and hens are regularly euthanized to prevent the spread of the virus.

This constraint, inaugurated by the first travelers on Wednesday, will be maintained depending on the duration of this threat to Mauritian farms.

This Wednesday, November 2, 2022, corresponds to flights from Pierrefonds to Mauritius and vice versa. This must have been the good news of the day. Not to mention the reduction of administrative obligations to enter Mauritian territory. In short, it’s not a disaster, however this avian flu epidemic represents a real danger for tourist relations if it were to spread.

Mauritian customs officers have been made aware. Imports of poultry from Reunion are stopped. Passengers are prohibited from entering the territory with live poultry.

Passengers from Reunion who wish to go to Rodrigues will also have to go through the disinfection mat.

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