Avian flu: reinforced measures in 17 communes of Cher after the discovery of contaminated swan corpses

Following the discovery, between October 25 and 28, along the Cher River, of four corpses of mute swansin Vallon-en-Sully, a town in northern Allier bordering Cher, and the confirmation, by the National Reference Laboratory, of the contamination of two of the corpses by the avian influenza virus, the Cher prefecture took measures on Monday, October 31 in order to avoid “the introduction of the avian influenza virus into the domestic compartment”.

To be able to detect any presence of the virus in poultry farms at an early stage, a temporary control zone (ZCT) has been definedby a prefectural decree published on Monday.

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Are concerned, in the department, the following municipalities:
Ainay-le-Vieil, La Celette, Charenton-du-Cher, Colombiers, Coust, Culan, Drevant, Epineuil-le-Fleuriel, Faverdines, La Groutte, Loye-sur-Arnon, La Perche, Poisieux, Saint-Georges-de -Poisieux, Saint-Vitte, Saulzais-le-Potier, Vesdun.

Preventive measures (sheltering of poultry, protection of their food and watering), as well as surveillance measures (carrying out self-checks and sampling in commercial farms) are thus put in place. Movements of animals and products are also restricted.

>> Consult the prefectural decree in its entirety <<

For its part, the Ministry of Agriculture recalled, a few days ago, that “the health situation with regard to highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) had deteriorated in recent weeks”. The number of cases in livestock and in wildlife is increasing sharply. With the approach of autumn, a period of risk due to the drop in temperatures and the start of bird migrations, the level of risk has been raised from “negligible” to “moderate” throughout the national territory. .

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