Avian flu outbreak detected in the Dordogne: “Fingers crossed”

It is a farm of 19,000 young hens intended for laying. They are reared until they are 17 or 18 weeks old before being sold as layers to egg producers. ANSES analyzes (1) revealed the presence of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) strain H5N1.

43,000 birds slaughtered

The prefecture of Dordogne had the entire farm slaughtered as well as a neighboring farm, located less than a kilometer away. This nearby farm, in the commune of Saint-Georges-Blancaneix, would belong to the son-in-law of the first breeder. The culling of the 24,000 pullets was ordered as a preventive measure.

The prefecture published a decree on Friday, October 21, defining three concentric zones around the hearth. The protection zone (ZP), of three kilometers, includes Lunas, Saint-Georges-Blancaneix and part of Prigonrieux (north of the D 34). The surveillance zone (ZS), 10 km in radius, includes 13 other municipalities. The restricted zone, of 20 kilometers, has 59 (1).


The decree provides for the implementation of more or less strict measures, depending on the area concerned, in terms of animal census, biosecurity, monitoring of farms or the movement of animals, game and foodstuffs. food. It should be noted that individuals are also subject to these measures and must shelter their poultry.

Finally, “any person unfamiliar with the breeding sites is urged to avoid their surroundings, so as not to contribute to the spread of this extremely volatile and pathogenic virus for all species of birds”, specify the services of the state.

“We expected it: in Brittany, it started again since August already”

“Fear sets in”

In the Dordogne, the entire poultry sector is holding its breath. “Fear sets in. We cross our fingers so that it does not take on the scale of last year, ”says the president of the FDSEA, Marie Griffaton. She herself is a breeder of organic laying hens in Cunèges, 20 kilometers south of Lunas.

But the breeder, who is also expecting layers (from another breeding a priori) is not surprised for all that: “We expected it: in Brittany, it started again since August. There were also two cases in Lot and Landes without creating epidemic waves. I hope it will be the same for us. »

For the mayor of Lunas, Pascal Liabaste, who is also a breeder of IGP Périgord label chickens in the town, “we must exercise the greatest caution and the greatest humility as to our knowledge of this virus. Let us stick to the line of conduct given to us”.

In the Dordogne, many breeders have not yet been able to resume their activity for lack of ducks since breeders have not been able to supply everyone after the mass slaughter of 2021.

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